Danieli & C. SpA

Established in 1914, Danieli  is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and installing metal producing plants and equipment.

With a rich history spanning over a century, Danieli offers comprehensive solutions for the entire metal production process cycle, encompassing ore and scrap processing to the production of finished flat, long, tube, and extruded products for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Danieli differentiates itself through its turnkey solutions and individual unit offerings, empowered by proprietary technology developed in-house. The company's plants are driven by advanced process control, power, and instrumentation systems known as Danieli Automation. In addition, Danieli embraces the principles of Industry 4.0, incorporating DIGI&MET smart manufacturing solutions to enable efficient and intelligent production.

Recognizing the importance of proximity to customers, Danieli implemented a customer-centric strategy in the late 1990s. By establishing local workshops and engineering departments worldwide, Danieli ensures prompt service and tailored solutions. Today, the company boasts a global workforce of over 9,000 employees operating in 28 countries across five continents, with its headquarters located in Buttrio, Italy.

Danieli has been at the forefront of innovation in the steel industry, exemplified by its research center established three decades ago. As a pioneer of the minimill concept, it revolutionized steel production by introducing compact and efficient facilities. Utilizing electric arc furnaces and recycling scrap metal, these minimills produce high-quality steel with enhanced flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.

To remain competitive and address environmental concerns, Danieli has made substantial investments in green steel production technologies. Its commitment is evident in several key areas:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions per tonne produced;
  • Implementation of the principles of the Industry 4.0 revolution through the DIGI&MET project to achieve comprehensive production control;
  • Enhancement of plant productivity and per-capita added value;
  • Optimization of production efficiency by adopting endless technology for both long and flat products;


    Topics of interest for cooperation with students and graduates (Internships, Master Thesis, Career opportunities)

    1. DRI, production and use of hydrogen for sustainable steelmaking;
    2. Process integration, reuse of waste energy and use of renewable energy as primary source in steelmaking plants
    3. Flue gas treatment;
    4. Carbon capture and utilization
    5. Sustainable logistics and circular economy practices in the metals sector