Zintek S.r.l. is the only Italian producer of titanium-zinc zintek® rolled products, which are used by architects to create roofs, façades and sheet-metal works.

The business is part of the Cordifin Group, a holding company that operates across Europe and the rest of the world afield in the real estate, industrial and finance sectors.


With its 86,000 m2 factory, Zintek handles the entire titanium-zinc industrial and commercial supply chain, from casting the raw material to producing, selling and installing the end product.

As well as providing customers with high-quality products, Zintek also offers its professionalism and specialist skills, allowing architects to make the most of the material’s extraordinary qualities and produce authentic, beautiful and long-lasting buildings, with a genuine focus on sustainability.


Since its beginning, Zintek highlighted the importance of the role of the installers and sheet-metal workers, founding the Tinsmithery School and then the Zintek Academy, the first training body in Italy accredited by UNI ISO 21001:2019 certification, – the international standard for management systems for educational organizations. The courses feature titanium-zinc and other types of metal cladding, and are aligned with UNI/PdR 68:2019 procedures; the final certification exam includes both theory and practical components and is run by an external organization accredited by Accredia.


Since January 2018, the company has gradually expanded its international presence, featuring in projects in Europe, Asia and the USA and opening showrooms in Amsterdam and Shanghai.


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