EUROLLS SpA was founded in 1987 by Renato Railz as a producer of tungsten carbide rolls for the wire industry and customer drawing based steel/carbide rolls for the tube industry; later, due to the development of this market, Eurolls organized itself to provide tube machinery producers and tube producers with custom made design tooling. Our business is oriented, right from the start, to two different fields of application: Tube Industry and Wire Industry.

In the tube industry, EUROLLS is recognized worldwide as one of the leading suppliers of rolls and accessories, thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise that permits us to provide high quality products and an outstanding service.

In the wire industry, in addition to the production of wire rolls, the most important innovation to date has been the production of microcassettes, which were designed by in-house Eurolls engineers to replace the traditional die system.

For the future decades, EUROLLS main purpose will be becoming even more a landmark, offering new solutions based on our continuous commitment in the technological progress and in a corporate vision that is increasingly focused on sustainability, as demonstrated by our commitment to safeguarding an area such as Resia with the recent opening of a new plant, as well as our continued collaboration with the university and other research institutions, or our investments to make the entire production process more environmentally sustainable.

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