Faber Industrie S.p.A. is a world’s leading company in the design, manufacturing, testing and marketing of high-pressure gas cylinders and systems used for Clean Energy (CNG & Hydrogen), Industrial (Technical, Medical, Special, Food&Beverage and Fire-Fighting gases) and Air Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA & SCBA).

Strong by our fifty years’ experience and two high-tech production facilities, for a productive capacity of a million cylinders per year, we have established ourselves as an international leading reality in the cylinders market, exporting our products in more than 50 different foreign countries.

Faber has in-house developed a deep knowledge and capability for supply all the different types of cylinders (Type 1, 2, 3 and 4) manufactured by different raw material (coil, billets, tube and liners). Faber is also a valued manufacturer and provider of systems, which fully integrate cylinders creating rack and bundles. Faber is proud to announce a unique capability to manufacture Bundles at very high-pressure (up to 1100 bar working pressure) for gaseous hydrogen storage at Refilling Stations or Trailers applications.

Homo Faber fortunae suae”, this simple but profound sentence is the mantra of our company: we firmly believe that each of us, through his choices, directs his life. Therefore, our path is very clear: to create a sustainable future and a better world through the production of excellent quality cylinders. In order to achieve this goal, we are close to the themes of lean manufacturing, sustainability development and clean energy. We are indeed part of the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative with a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy transition.

We want to keep innovating, create lasting and solid relationships with our customers and suppliers, investing in our training and increase the knowledge.

To meet the expectation of the market and our customers, the requirements of the regulations and the desire to play a fundamental role in the green energy transition, Faber encourages the values of continuous innovation and development from the product, the process and the organizational point of view.


Work areas for student mobility traineeships and theses

  1. Product: design, multidisciplinary FEM analysis, research of new and bio-based materials, development of new concepts of products, mainly related to hydrogen and green energy, with recycle possibilities of composites.
  2. Process: analysis and development of innovative projects for production processes optimization; definition, monitoring and development of Key Performance Indicators and technical-economic analysis regarding energy efficiency actions;
  3. Organization: management of projects regarding Lean approach implementation, continuous improvement and sustainable development (carbon footprint, sustainability reports and ISO certification)



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