Entry Requirements and admission procedure

Prospective students must hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree with major in engineering.

If the degree is awarded by an Italian university, a Bachelor’s degree class L-9 (Industrial engineering) is required, with at least 45 ECTS earned in core subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science) and at least 80 ECTS earned in characterizing subjects. If you hold an Italian Bachelor's degree (Laurea Triennale) or need more information in Italian about this program, please click here.

Students will also be required to demonstrate proficiency in English at an upper-intermediate level (level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference).

In order to evaluate whether you meet the admission criteria, your application and attached documents shall be forwarded to the Advisor Committee of this program, who will meet on a monthly basis upon the presence of student applications.

After examining your application, the Advisor Committee will arrange an interview if needed, e.g., to test your language proficiency if no certification is provided.






Enrolment of students who are not EU-citizens and/or who hold a BSc from a foreign university is subject to specific regulation. Find more information at the following web site and by watching this video. Please write to studenti(at)uniud.it to get info and support for your application.

Students holding a BSc in Industrial Engineering from an Italian university should follow this procedure to enrol. They are encouraged to write to segreteria.ingegneria(at)uniud.it in case of doubts or difficulties.



Tuition & Fees

University tuition fees per academic year consist of fees and contributions, regional dues and stamp duty. University tuition fees might vary from a minimum of € 16.00 (for fee-waiver eligible students) up to € 2,026.00 (full fee). Information about fee-waivers can be found here.