Vetri Speciali is a company that has been active in the glass market for over 25 years, particularly in the design, production and marketing of glass containers for food products.

It owns 4 production plants spread across North Eastern Italy.

Thanks to its ability to design a multitude of shapes in different colours and its production flexibility in terms of batches and formats, the company is a leader in the production and sale of special hollow glass containers. Vetri Speciali is a reality in which the tradition of craftsmanship is declined according to the most innovative technologies at the service of large industry.

The company has a long-standing committment to environmental sustainability, particularly by maximizing the use of recycled glass as raw material and by implementing energy efficiency policies.


Topics of interest for cooperation with students and graduates (Internships, Master Thesis, Career opportunities)

Topic 1: Models for predicting energy profiles in the glass industry
Topic 2: Technical and economic feasibility of decarbonisation technologies in the glass industry.


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