ThermoKey is headquartered 40 km from Udine and has an extensive number of sales offices worldwide. The company offers cooling and condensing solutions for any production process in any field of application. The latter may range from the cooling of generators in the middle of the desert, to the one of compressors of offshore platform pumping stations, from refrigeration to data centres.

ThermoKey has the know-how to come up with customized solutions that guarantees the best outcome based on the plant’s location, the requested sound level, the available space and the aggressiveness of the work environment.

Sustainability is a key competitive dimension of ThermoKey, concerning both the improvement of the environmental footprint of internal production processes and the development of new products that facilitate the recovery of waste heat rather than its dissipation into the atmosphere.



Topics of interest for cooperation with students and graduates (Internships, Master Thesis, Career opportunities)

Thermokey welcomes students of this MSc program to write their thesis or make an internship about the following topics:

Theme 1: Environmental impact assessment of innovative waste heat recovery systems in terms of carbon and water footprints.
Theme 2: Innovative alloys and brazing materials to increase the durability of aluminium heat exchangers and to optimize the production to make it even more sustainable.
Theme 3: Reduction of utilized prime material with microchannel technology and additive manufacturing, reducing the production cost as well as increasing the efficiency in terms of heat transfer.


Enrolled students interested in these topics are welcome to contact the course coordinator