M.M. was the first FRP (fibreglass-reinforced polymers) grating manufacturer in Europe. The company - established in 1977 - is now active on both the Italian and international markets, by offering high-quality composite gratings, profiles, manhole covers and structures.

Competence and reliability are the strengths that have allowed M.M. to establish itself as a key international player. Besides its FRP gratings, the company has now become a fibreglass structures reference point, thanks to its many fields of applications, such as the water treatment, energy, telecommunications, railway infrastructure and shipbuilding industries.

Dedicated design team

M.M.’s in-house design team provides bespoke consultancy and value-added services, such as technical design (2D and 3D drawings, BIM), calculation reports, new-solution feasibility studies and corrosion analyses.

“Turnkey” projects

M.M. is the ideal partner for fulfilling turnkey projects: from the design and production phase to the quotation stage and after-sales service, M.M.’s No. 1 priority is customer satisfaction. The company guarantees efficient technical support throughout the entire order development process, by providing advice and specific services to create ad hoc solutions.


In accordance with the EU's guidelines for end-of-life treatment of products, M.M. is developing a strategy for the prevention, repair and reuse of composite products. In a circular economy perspective, M.M. wants to develop together with other stakeholders a closed-loop system with waste reduction, waste re-use, material recycling and energy recovery as key points.


Topics of interest for cooperation with students and graduates (Internships, Master Thesis, Career opportunities)


Some possible topics for internship/studies at our companies include:

Topic 1:  Optimisation of industrial processes through a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach

Topic 2: Evaluation of design solutions from an Eco Design perspective: strategies for environmental sustainability

Topic 3: Energy Diagnosis in the Company: Analysis, Optimisation and Sustainability


If interested in these topics, please contact the course coordinator