Decarbonization of Processing Industry

 Analyze the most relevant low-carbon technologies currently being proposed in the framework of policies aimed at reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate changes. Principles and applications of CO2 capture, separation, sequestration technologies (Carbon Capture and Storage - CCS, geological storage, exhaust gas separation, Direct Air Capture – DAC). CO2 valorization technologies to added-value products such as fuels/e-fuels, polymers, chemicals. Reminders of core concepts of catalysis, ab- and ad-sorption.. Examples of thermocatalytic CO2 conversion (Sabatier reaction, Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction – RWGS, Dry Reforming of Methane – DRM). Examples of carbon intensive sectors (steel, chemical, cement, power) and strategies for their decarbonization. Laboratory practice in a few selected examples will be carried out.

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